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  • GP Consultations

  • Problems of an ongoing or persistent nature are best managed by the patient's regular Doctor (General Practitioner) by providing continuity to the patients' care. Appointments for a GP consultation are 15 minutes, if you have complex or multiple problems to discuss with the doctor a double consultation (30 minutes) should be booked.

    If you are more than 7 minutes late for your appointment you may need to reschedule your appointment. If you cannot make your appointment and fail to notify us within 1 hour prior to your appointment time, you may incur a fee

  • Nurse consultations

  • Practice nurses are trained in health education, family planning, child health, immunisation schedules and the prevention and management of long term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma and other respiratory conditions. Nurses provide coaching and monitoring programs for weight management, smoking cessation, and warfarin monitoring. They provide cardiovascular risk assessment and help patients manage their health. Nurses also perform a number of procedures such as ECGs, cervical smear taking, wound management and IV management
  • Well Baby Checks

  • Babies are checked periodically during their first year of life to ensure that they are developing correctly. The first appointment is usually a few days after the mother and child have returned home after the birth, then a fortnight later, then monthly up to four months then at six, nine months and at a year. Babies are weighed and measured to make sure that they are arriving at the various developmental milestones. 
    Apart from checking an infant’s physical and emotional growth, these sessions provide a great opportunity for parents to ask questions from an expert and have any problem addressed; difficulties with breastfeeding or sleep for example. They are also used to discuss immunisations and vaccinations.
  • Immigration Medicals

  • Anyone wishing to permanently live and work in New Zealand needs to pass an immigration medical. You will need to complete some paperwork, have your photograph taken, and go for a blood test and chest x-ray before being seen and examined by an approved doctor. 
    The doctor will complete and submit the electronic form the Immigration Department. They will let you know if you are medically eligible to live and work in New Zealand. 
  • Women's Health

  • A range of services are available with nurses and GPs including: family planning consultations, insertion of contraceptive devices, and Mirena's, and woman's health and wellness reviews.

  • Men's Health & Wellness Review

  • These reviews provide a cardiovascular risk assessment, prostate screening and evaluation of general health issues affecting men.

  • Palliative Care

  • In recognition of the considerable cost of caring for people in the last stages of life we provide heavily subsidised specialised care packages for enrolled patients. Talk with your doctor or nurse for more information.

  • Medical Reviews

  • Medical reviews are available for Immigration, Insurance, Diving and others. Each has varied requirements, time allocations and fees. Please inform the receptionist on the purpose of the medical when booking.

  • Osteoporosis (Aclasta) Treatment

  • The intravenous drug Zoledronic acid (otherwise known as Aclasta) is available for the treatment of osteoporosis. This once a year treatment is available at the medical centre and may be an alternative to the oral treatments. Please discuss this option with your doctor.

  • Minor Surgery

  • GPs are available to perform a range of minor surgery including ingrown toe nail removal and excision of lesions. A GP consultation is required prior to the minor surgery.

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  • General Practitioner
  • Practice Nurse
  • Practice Manager
  • Miscellaneous

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